Thallwitz Dorfplatz
Site-Specific Installation in Outdoor Hut
(300 x 350 x 300 cm) + Artist Talk

Materials: Graphic Print on Polyester (300 x 340 cm), Graphic Print on Polyester (300 x 150 cm), Chains, PET Plastic, Landscaping Frames, Found Foliage, Found Stones, Found Shells, Flower Pots, Bands, Hooks

4. - 12. September 2020
UNENDLICH Exhibition
ein:druck // aus:druck

I participated in an event of workshops and exhibitions from FAIL Institute Leipzig, called UNENDLICH.

My project in Thallwitz was a site specific investigation comparing the experiences one can digitally and physically have in a space.

Before visiting Thallwitz, I became familiar with the satellite documented landscape of the village on GoogleEarth and collected screenshots of the surroundings I found interesting. Before making my installation, I visited Thallwitz about 3 times, walking around the village, talking with people who lived there, and taking photographs. The content in this installation, the digital collages, the found foliage, and collected material related to gardens and landscape design are all inspired by the dichotomy of the digital and physical experience of being in that place.

The residents of Thallwitz all take great care of their lawns and gardens. Yet, the town struggles with a shortage of water due to a potatoe farm just up the Lossa River. Today, the Lossa River is dried out, as is the grass, and the folliage around Thallwitz. This loss of water has devastated locals for many reasons. The reality of this missing river, which is actually visible on Google Garth, is hidden behind the fascade of the charismatic private gardens of the residents. This installation is evoking not only the differences in the digital and physical impressions of the Thallwitz, it is also capturing an emotion of eco empathy that the locals shared with me through conversation during my time there.