Thallwitz: UNENDLICH Exhibition
ein:druck // aus:druck

Site-Specific Installation in Outdoor Hut (300 x 350 x 300 cm) + Artist Talk
Materials: Graphic Print on Polyester (300 x 340 cm), Graphic Print on Polyester (300 x 150 cm), Chains, PET Plastic, Landscaping Frames, Found Foliage, Found Stones, Found Shells, Flower Pots, Bands, Hooks

From the 4. - 12. September 2020 I participated in an event of workshops and exhibitions from FAIL Institute Leipzig, called UNENDLICH.
My project in Thallwitz was a site specific investigation comparing the experiences one can digitally and physically have in a space.
Before visiting Thallwitz, I became familiar with the satellite documented landscape of the village on GoogleEarth and collected screenshots of the surroundings I found interesting. Before making my installation, I visited Thallwitz about 3 times, walking around the village, talking with people who lived there, and taking photographs. The content in this installation, the digital collages, the found foliage, and collected material related to gardens and landscape design are all inspired by the dichotomy of the digital and physical experience of being in that place.

The subject matter of landscape, drought, and the dried up Lossa River were heavily inspiring for the installation and printed fabrics. Based on my GoogleEarth experience, I was expecting a river to flow through the village of Thallwitz and a Castle Garden with ponds. The reality is, that a potato farm north of the village dried out all the water in the ground in 2017 and the village has since then been dry. The landscape has changed, the river is gone, the ponds are grown over with weeds, and the surrounding farms seem to struggle for water supply. 'It's an economical power game', one villager said to me, 'the potato farm has too much power and money involved in their company, neither Sachsen nor smaller local administrators will change anything to give us our river back'.
I made a 3D scan of the sculpture garden of the castle where the Ponds have dried up and printed it on polyester at 300 x 340 cm. This textile piece functions as a backdrop inside the hut. The objects hanging and standing in front of the backdrop have a dialogue with the composition and structures of the sculpture garden 3D scan. This overlapping of physical and digital content acts as a reflection on my personal experiences of the village on digital and physical levels. The flag on the outside of the hut is a collage of the Lossa River sign and surroundings abstractly connected with screenshots of GoogleEarth.

During the weeks of the installation and my artist talk, I explained the purpose of my installation and invited the community to engage in a discourse with me about landscape and how humans exist within their surroundings. I asked the community if they were able to recognise their village in my installation. The different perceptions of landscape and the difficulties in relating to our environment on a level of equality were topics that often came into conversation. Thank you to all the people of the village who took time to talk with me about the village. Thank you FAIL Institute for supporting my project and all the amazing cooperation.