solo exhibition
Beirut, Lebanon
Sept, 2017

This collection of unique, hand-embroidered tapestries and sculptures reflect the artist’s exploration of “place” and what humans do to “place” or experience within “place”.

“TOPOPHILIA” incorporates two dimensional quilts with alluring hand-woven and hand-embroidered details. These quilts playfully venture the boundary between the traditional and the absurd within fiber art techniques. The artist uses abstract sculptures juxtaposed with analytical maps and graphs made of fabric, rope, and thread to render her time spent there. Viewers will also be intrigued by the interactive installation of a series titled, “Psychogeographic Experiments”; a collection of sewn textile maps based on her daily movements and memories of travel. Through these works, the artist tests the ways landscape, information, and memory can be poetically translated into a story between man and nature.