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Tufted Series: Deforested Amazon (2021)

Each tufted work is made with 100% wool that is water resistant, moth proof, and durable. Each rug is finished with PVC or latex glue and backing fabric.
These tufted works are designed and inspired by Google Earth screen shots of the deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, mostly which is illegally happening on Indigenous lands in Brazil. Each tufted rug is sold with a QR code that will take you to the Google Earth satelite view of the coordinates the tufted shape is referencing. Like an archive, the tufted pieces solidify a moment in time of environmental destruction. Weeks, months, and years later, one can scan the QR code to visit the Google Earth satelite view and observe the transformations taken place in that location due to the continual destruction on the environment. Some of the tufted works were made before I began the coodinates archive, therefore some QR codes will bring you to an animation I created using the original Google Earth screen grab.

This ongoing project is made with the financial support from the 2022 three month Project Stipend  from the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony (KdfS), The Kunstfonds Neustart Project Stipend, and the three month project stipends from the Kulturamt Leipzig in 2022.

With every sold rug in the Shapes of Destruction series, I will donate 10% to Amazon Watch Organization

For 25 years, Amazon Watch has protected the rainforest and advanced the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. Amazon Watch protects millions of acres of rainforest every year by partnering with Indigenous peoples – the best stewards of the forest – to directly challenge the corporate and government powers that threaten the Amazon and our climate.

The knowledge, cultures, and traditional practices of Amazon Watch’s Indigenous partners contribute greatly to sustainable and equitable stewardship of the Amazon and all of Mother Earth. Amazon Watch promotes these Indigenous-led solutions and expands capacity for Indigenous leaders, especially women, to maintain their autonomy and sovereignty for the stewardship of their ancestral territories.

Your purchase today will directly support critical efforts to protect the rainforest and stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples. 100% of donations to Amazon Watch go to their programmatic work to stop Amazon destruction, advance Indigenous solutions and support climate justice. Thank you!

PDF Catalogue: Shapes of Destruction

500 Digital copies can be purched here in my shop.

Inside these pages you will find detailed information on the research, processes, and archives from the project “Shapes of Destruction” from 2020-2023. 

*For information on purchasing one of the limited edition publication of 25 copies, please email me.
Size: A5 book, each priced at 30€ 

*Sales of tufted Shapes of Destruction are welcome, however, most carpets are currently on view at the GfZK Museum in Leipzig until November 2024. Please have patience expecting to receive the purchased art work. Thank you.

Shapes of Destruction Proto1
Organic Cottons & Wools, PVC Glue, backing fabric
85x64 cm

Shapes of Destruction Proto3.1
100% Wool, Recycled Wools, PVC Glue, backing fabric
90 x 60 cm



Shapes of Destruction Proto4
Organic Wool, Recycled Wool, PVC Glue, Backing Fabric
110 x 70 cm

Shapes of Destruction Proto3.2
Organic and Recycled Cottons & Wools, PVC Glue, backing fabric
123 x 50 cm

Shapes of Destruction T1
Wool, recycled wool, Latex, backing fabric
128 x 120 cm

Shapes of Destruction T2
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
110 x 95 cm

Shapes of Destruction T3
Wool, Latex, backing fabric Custom pillow filled with recycled material
110 x 95 cm

Shapes of Destruction T4
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
125 x 36 cm

Shapes of Destruction T5
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
65 x 97 cm

Shapes of Destruction T6
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
145 x 110 cm

Shapes of Destruction T7 (1 of 5)
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
145 x 110 cm

Shapes of Destruction T7 (2,3 & 4 of 5)
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
35 x 50 cm each

only 2 left

Shapes of Destruction T7 (5 of 5)
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
120 x 70 cm

Shapes of Destruction T8
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
100 x 68 cm

Shapes of Destruction T9
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
100 x 65 cm

Shapes of Destruction T10
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
170 x 125 cm

Shapes of Destruction T18
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
80 x 60 cm

Shapes of Destruction T11
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
165 x 140 cm

Shapes of Destruction T13
Wool, Latex, backing fabric
93 x 67 cm

Tuftings and Mix Media 2022-2024

These newer works have been produced mainly as part of artistic research into botanical studies, herbarium work, and connections between depictions and symbolism of plants. These works are all inspired by time spent in the Hausknecht Herbarium. The compositions and depictions of plant studies are composed by drawing and tracing studies of old slide film found in the archives of the University of Jena. Exploring photography compositions and placements of non-human specimens within a frame, these tufted works and wooden works are layered exploration into botanical photography translated into textile and fragmented forms. The titles of the works coorelate to the titles of the cartridges and files the slide photographs were archived under.

All of the wool used is fire proof, water proof, and moth proof, can be used as carpets or wall hangings, or sofa covers. 

“Dolomiten 84.A 38”

60 x 30 cm
100% Wool, Latex, Fabric


“Cuba 77”

67 x 50 cm
100% Wool, Latex, Fabric


“Anda Lucia 81A”

60 x 90 cm
100% Wool, Latex, Fabric


“Cuba 74-78”

60 x 90 cm
100% Wool, Latex, Fabric


“Exoten 02”

60 x 90 cm
100% Wool, Latex, Fabric


“Dolomiten 19”

60 x 90 cm
100% Wool, Latex, Fabric

“Exoten 01”

60 x 90 cm
100% Wool, Latex, Fabric


Rainbows and Butterflies

Plywood, sun catching prism decals, dyndelion dyed cotton
40 x 51 cm

Geological Moving

Terra Cotta & Silk

circa 160 x 30 cm


Quilts and Tapestries (2016-2019)

Each tapestry is finished with backing fabric, grommets, hooks, or a hem making it easy to hang.
Easy and ready to hang, the tapestries are very light weight.

Tapestries with a hem for a rod, are sold without wooden rod.
Pricing is calculated by time of labour, cost and quality of materials, and the size of each work.

Shipping is included in the price.

Some Sorta Truth
recycled fabrics, cotton threads, and grommets.
hand embroidered

56 x 60 cm

"Something About The Beds We Make And How We Lie In Them"

material: assorted fabrics, assorted threads and yarns
technique: hand-sewn, hand-embroidered, hand-woven

106 x 80 cm
July 2016

Layers Of Skin, Of Rock

material: recycled fabrics and threads, silk, yarns
technique: hand sewn, hand woven, hand embroidered

120 x 92 cm

Deep In The Grass

material: fabric, cotton thread, silk thread, wool yarn. Hand embroidered


fabric: 30 x 35 cm
frame: 40 x 50 cm

Probing I

Photo transfer print on linen

127 x 74 cm



180 x 145 cm
Photo transfer print on canvas

2018, Leipzig

Snowy Landscape

Raw Wool, cashmere, silk, stick
circa 60 x 35 cm

Seriously, It’s, Like, Not My F***ing Fault”

60 x 70 cm

mix media, photo transfer print on recycled fabrics

2019, Leipzig

Bury or Unbury

195 x 145 cm

Raw canvas, gesso, plaster, soil, photo transfer prints, found objects, silk


stretched on wooden frame. Phototransfer prints, fabrics, threads, plaster, acrylic.
155 x 125 cm

Marina Cranes & Window Panes
W: 72 cm H: 81 cm
technique: hand embroidered, hand sewn, hand woven, machine sewn
materials: found fabrics, cotton thread, silk thread, polyester threads
September 2016- June 2017

"A Reoccurring Thought"

material: different fabrics, thread, silk yarn, wool yarn, batting
technique: hand embroidered, hand woven, hand sewn, machine sewn

L: 102.5 cm W: 78 cm
April 2016

Who Waters Your Plants While You're Awaymaterial: recycled fabrics,
threads, yarn, batting
technique: hand sewn, hand embroidered, machine sewn
L: 72 cm W: 71 cm
October 2016- April 2017

Water Color, Photography, and Paper Work

These are all older works that might take some of you by surprise if you don’t know my older works.
From circa 2011-2024

A variety of colorful watercolors and sumi ink paintings


USA & Germany

I recommend a studio visit as I have more that are not photographed.

Self Portraits with Slide Film From Parents Road Trip in USA 1980s.

Photographs from 2011
C print on Moab Paper
circa 10 x 10 cm each

15€ each