Shapes of Desctruction 
(2020-current project)

Shapes of Destruction is an installation artwork that redirects human perception towards ecology and the (in)visible reality of its destruction. It is an artistic investigation of the traces that humans leave in the landscap and how the depiction of these traces in an installation can be redefined in order to provoke an urgen dialogue about environmental care and solidarity.

Since 2020, I have been artistically investigating and documenting throughout GoogleEarth the illegal deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. My archive
of GoogleEarth screenshots shows the scarred land. These images are sources for the array of multi-media iterations and visual translations of Shapes of Destruction.

Taking the non-human perspective from satellite imagery, “Shapes of Destruction” is a series of sculptures inspired by interior design objects, drawings, and photographs mediating the correlation between deforestation and domesticity. The topographic colours and formations of deforestation, mines, landfills, large-scale farms, or power plants around the Amazon Rainforest are the reference points for each tufted piece. The lines, textures, colours, and shapes of the deforested patches from the Amazon Forest are reference points for how the rugs are designed.

I am interested in making rugs because it is the decorative element in a room which the feet touch. It represents a grounding, or rooting. This intervention in interior decoration transports the intangible patterns of environmental damage directly in our domestic spaces. Forcing us to confront the aesthetic of climate change and how it permeates in our daily activity.

I aim to instigate a dialogue about human positioning within ecology. As this series continues to grow, I see this body of work using design materials and techniques in a way so that they branch out of the expected functionality and spiral into a sphere of poetics and RE-presentation. This re-representation points to the underbelly of our current state of the environment.

Funding and Non-Profit Organization Partnerships

Shapes of Destruction is currently being supported by the City of Leipzig’s Cultural Office through a Project Stipend from October-December 2021. This grant provides me the means to continue and develop this project so it can be exhibited in 2022.

Shapes of Destruction is also a project in partnership with the Amazon Watch Organization. For every carpet sold, I will donate 10% to the Amazon Watch Organization. Finished carpets will be put up for sale here on my website and at the opening exhibition in 2022.

About Amazon Watch: For 25 years, Amazon Watch has protected the rainforest and advanced the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. Amazon Watch protects millions of acres of rainforest every year by partnering with Indigenous peoples – the best stewards of the forest – to directly challenge the corporate and government powers that threaten the Amazon and our climate.

The knowledge, cultures, and traditional practices of Amazon Watch’s Indigenous partners contribute greatly to sustainable and equitable stewardship of the Amazon and all of Mother Earth. Amazon Watch promotes these Indigenous-led solutions and expands capacity for Indigenous leaders, especially women, to maintain their autonomy and sovereignty for the stewardship of their ancestral territories.