Andrea Garcia Vasquez

Shapes of Desctruction 
(2020-current project)

Taking the non-human perspective from satellite imagery, “Shapes of Destruction//working title//Periphery” is a series of rugs mediating the correlation between deforestation and domesticity. GoogleEarth Screenshots such as the topographic colours and formations of deforestation, mines, landfills, large-scale farms, or power plants around the Amazon Rainforest are the reference points for each tufted piece. The lines, textures, colours, and shapes of the deforested patches from the Amazon Forest are reference points for how the rugs are designed.

I am interested in making rugs because it is the decorative element in a room which the feet touch. It represents a grounding, or rooting. This intervention in interior decoration transports the intangible patterns of environmental damage directly in our domestic spaces. Forcing us to confront the aesthetic of climate change and how it permeates in our daily activity.

I aim to instigate a dialogue about human positioning within ecology. As this series continues to grow and take new forms, I see this body of work using design materials and techniques in a way so that they branch out of the expected functionality and spiral into a sphere of poetics and RE-presentation. This re-representation points to the underbelly of our current state of the environment.