3D animation, found footage, personal iPhone videos and sound

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Plexus Elastic

Made for Still Point Magazine Issue #10 JUDGE, 2022 

Two bodies move through a landscape of virtual and physical realities, sharing channels of perception and understandings around the behaviors, sources, and variable forms of judgment.

How do we navigate our own judgments and allow ourselves to be judged in an age of physical and digital existence?

The motion and meaning of “pivoting” repeats itself throughout the video, implying the many-faceted, multi-layered versions of reality we can constantly be experiencing if we allow ourselves to perceive it. The characters go through lists of the different grounds one may judge on. Material bodies and sensations are described as pivotal points we can base and center our values on. The video emits the movements, behaviours, and cultures interwoven between humans, non-humans, and online existence (or avatars). How algorithms shape us as we simultaneously shape them, creating the truths we want to believe in a time of critical judgements and solution seeking.

This video was made and inspired by conversations Andrea Garcia Vasquez had with Dimitra Ioanou over a one-month period in preparation for this publication.

Some phrases and words come directly from those conversations and a Google Document the two shared while collaboratively discussing judgments. The voices are AI-generated and the video footage is an assemblage of found footage, 3D animations made by the artist, and personal video documentation of Florida, where Andrea Garcia Vasquez often goes with a judgemental mindset.