Recipient of Project Stipend from the City of Leipzig Cultural Offices from October-December 2021

Shapes of Destruction is an installation artwork that redirects human perception towards ecology and the (in)visible reality of its destruction. It is an artistic investigation of the traces that humans leave in the landscap and how the depiction of these traces in an installation can be redefined in order to provoke an urgen dialogue about environmental care and solidarity.

Artist in Residence 19.07.21 - 03.10.21
Die Entstehung einer Künstlerischen Tatsache - Arts & Science Residency Jena

I was honored to be part of the science and art residency from July - October 2021. During a three month period, I was working and living in Jena, exchanging with scientists with a goal to create an installation reflecting on ecological scientific research, specificallylooking into the Nicotiana Attenuata Plant. 

After visiting multiple labs and scientists from Hans Knöll, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, and the EMZ in July, I was able to translate the materials and narratives I witnessed in the lab into a room-filling instalation that is now to see at the group exhibition “Genesis of an Artistic Fact”. An artist panel was held with the artists involved at the opening reception of the group exhibition. The artist panel along with the introductions and speaches held by Dr. Franziska Eberl, Ingeborg Reichle, and Curator Paolina Wandruszka can be viewed here.

“Genesis of an Artistic Fact” is running until November 2021 in the Trafo on Nollendorferstr 30, Jena.

This installation is my artistic interpretation of my time and existence within the art & science residency program from the last 3 months. I was inspired by the equipment and staging of equipment when I visited the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, the Leibniz-Hans Knöll Institute, and the Electron Microscopy Center. Whenever I visited a lab, I would ask if they had extra or wasted material I could take with me. The story being told in this piece is about the Nicotiana Attenuata plant, a plant native to Utah, and how the microbiome is studied and tested in both natural landscapes and in the lab. My experimental field narrates the repetitive and method-based research in the labs and in Utah. This playful interpretation of scientific research as artistic  practice touches on significant conversations I had with scientists about legitimacy, truth, and failure.

Many thanks to Daniel Veit (workshop technician and programmer, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology); Pooja Mehta (PhD Student, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology); Dr. Franziska Eberl (Life Sciences Coordinator, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology); Dr. Sandor Nietzche (research associate, Electron Microscopy Center); Kerstin Voigt (head of microbial resource collection, Leibniz-Hans Knöll Institute); Angela Overmeyer (Public Relations, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology); and Dr. Aleš Svatoš (Group Leader of Mass Spectrometry, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology)

Partnership with Amazon Watch Organization for current project: Shapes of Destruction

For 25 years, Amazon Watch has protected the rainforest and advanced the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. Amazon Watch protects millions of acres of rainforest every year by partnering with Indigenous peoples – the best stewards of the forest – to directly challenge the corporate and government powers that threaten the Amazon and our climate.

The knowledge, cultures, and traditional practices of Amazon Watch’s Indigenous partners contribute greatly to sustainable and equitable stewardship of the Amazon and all of Mother Earth. Amazon Watch promotes these Indigenous-led solutions and expands capacity for Indigenous leaders, especially women, to maintain their autonomy and sovereignty for the stewardship of their ancestral territories.

I am happy to announce my partnership with this organization. My current project titled “Shapes of Destruction” is a series of artworks inspired by interior design objects, drawings, and photographs mediating the correlation between deforestation and domesticity. The topographic colours and formations of deforestation, mines, landfills, large-scale farms, or power plants around the Amazon Rainforest are the reference points for each tufted piece.

By the end of 2021, I will launch the first pieces from this project on my online shop.

Your purchase will directly support critical efforts to protect the rainforest and stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples. 100% of donations to Amazon Watch go to their programmatic work to stop Amazon destruction, advance Indigenous solutions and support climate justice. Thank you!

Artwork shown in “Appointment X”, GfZK, June 26 - October 17, 2021

It has become increasingly important to reflect on the local environment – particularly in view of the pandemic. This also applies to the work of the art institution. For this reason, the experimental exhibition project Appointment X focuses on communication in this area and on building relationships between the GfZK, artists and local actors, networks, neighbourhoods and public places. The starting point of the project is the following question: how can culture be made accessible to a larger circle of people, what types of encounter are needed for this and where could they take place, for example outside of the museum?

The exhibition invites people to special appointments under different premises: in the form of spontaneous feedback or deeper conversations, on a participatory basis, for sporting activities or moments of surprise. The participating artists, directors and performers interact with the audience, drawing on ideas from the workshop, mobile stages, communicative kiosks, youth club and public meeting places. For example, they set up a village square in the building, and a project entitled “Volks*theater” (folk theatre) invites visitors to express their ideas on what forms theatre could take in the future. As well as the appointments and events that take place at the GfZK, the exhibition also includes walks and excursions.

This kind of project approach dissolves the walls of the museum; the neighbourhood is invited to participate, contributing its ideas on the relationships between the institution, local residents and the wider circle of interested parties.

Set & Costume Design for Molded Dances
Premiered on 17 / 18 / 19 SEPTEMBER 2021

Photo: Bernadette Keating 
Concept and Direction: Clara Sjölin
Creation and Performance: Sean Murray, Camilla Isola, Clara Sjölin
Costume and Scenic Design: Andrea Garcia Vasquez

Molded Dances is a sophisticated but naive dance performance, mixing the nerdy study of Laban’s dance notation system and the strive for a free life. With inspiration taken from the alternative community that took place at Monte Verità in Switzerland in the early 1900’s, Clara Sjölin is together with her collaborators investigating the wish to withdraw oneself from society to instead explore a lifestyle liberated from imposed rules.

Photo: Bernadette Keating
The choreographic framework and the spatial structures reinforces the performers’ movements as much as they restrict and mold. Their dancing obeys the order, still they also manifest a myriad of emancipations where the distinction between what is enslaving and what is freeing is blurring. They dance in unity and on their own, well planned and in aimless improvisations, they follow the given task and their own instinct. Whilst the performers liberate themselves from one set of rules, they are confronted with the establishment of another set of them.

Press from Leipziger Volkszeitung Article

Helmut Gallery, “Contaminated Current” an Exhibition in collaboration with Fabian Lehmann May-June 2021

Andrea Garcia Vasquez and Fabian Lehmann collaborate on environment-making to discover,
or reevaluate, digital and analogue versions of the reality of ecology.
Using symbols and textures, the two artists drift away from the sublime memory of nature and
enter into a realm of contemplation; researching a global, contaminated current.
What does it mean to be (a)part of ecology today?

Contaminated Currents will be part of the Art Go East Festival.

Site-Specific Installation featured in FAIL Institute Publication, 2021

In late 2020, FAIL Institute organised art project ∞ UNENDLICH ∞ with many people from the town of Thallwitz involved.

A catalogue including the works that resulted from this project can be found here.

Interview and Article from Pilotenkueche Magazine March 2021

I was honoured to recently have been asked by Andrii Myroshnychenko, current journalism resident at Pilotenkueche, to be interviewed for an article in the Pilotenkueche Magazine. After an almost two hour Zoom meeting where he asked some really great and thought provoking questions about my personal history, art practice, and professional experiences, he wrote this lovely article. It was a pleasureCheck it out at out here! (

Workshop on February 17, 2021 'Drawing Bodies Back In Touch

Thank you to SUPERSONIC Project in Lisbon, Portugal for giving me the opportunity to lead this workshop.

For more information about the workshop, or to hire me to give this workshop in another context please email me.

Published Poems & Experimental Writing in TEXTUR Magazine

Three excerpts of my poetry and experimental writing were selected and published in TEXTUR Magazine issue 3 of Art and Sustainability in November 2020.
Magazines can be ordered online for suggested 14 Euro at:

art & sustainability
The title of textur no. 3 is relatively straightforward. Perhaps, in order to capture the multifaceted approaches of the artists and authors who contributed to the issue, it could even be more accurately described as ‘art & sustainabilities’. A minor adjustment, though not an entirely necessary one, as what unfolds in this issue is the inextricability of the different approaches to sustainability discussed — environmental, economic, social, etc. It’s an entanglement that has been further amplified by current global events."

Grantee of DENKZEIT Project Stipend from KdfS for Corona Clips Video Series

The project Corona Clips 2020 was funded and supported by the DENKZEIT project stipend from the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony in the Summer of 2020. The project stipend supported and funded a series of videos I made which I title Corona Clips. The videos are based on my own personal experience of experiencing lockdown and the start of the pandemic while being physically far from my family and loves ones. The influence of news, safety instructions, social media whip lash, and constant paranoia inspired the pace, sound, and imagery in these videos. The Corona Clips have been since exhibited twice in different forms. The project is still a work in progress and continues to take different forms just as the Corona Virus takes within out society.

UNENDLICH EXHIBITION in Thallwitz from th FAIL Institute 4-12 September 2020

I am exhibiting in a small hut in Thallwitz. The site-specific installation deals with the experience of a place in digital and reality. Fragments from digital landscape, Google Earth, and the actual landscape come together to question how we perceive our environments as visitors and inhabitants. I will give an artist talk on the 5th of September at 19:00. More info at:

Check my latest digital interactive GoogleEarth Project in the online digital Auftakt Festival! 22-24 May 2020

More Info at:

Interview from School of Visual Arts, Visual & Critical Studies Department about COVID-19

To view the whole interview click here.
Part 2 of “How’s Everybody Doing?” from Amy Wilson, featuring updates from VCS graduates Brooke Latham and Andrea Garcia Vasquez.

Gallery KUB, Leipzig. Part of CO2020 exhibition series during Corona pandemic, AGV shows sculptures in gallery windows between April 4-14, 2020

"Bitte, gibt den Zimmerpflanzen nicht zu viel Wasser!"
Exhibition can be viewed from the street-facing windows at Kantstr. 18, Leipzig.
Exhibition in supporting artists during the Corona Pandemic. Big thanks to the KUB Team and Friends for the support!

Diploma Final Exam & Solo Exhibition 10th February 2020 at Westside Gallery, Franz Flemming str. 9. Leipzig

Press: We All Should Be Lichens Exhibition Featured in LVZ. Jan 15, 2020

We All Should Be Lichens at AO Kunsthalle, Leipzig group exhibition until 24. January 2020

Öffnungszeiten Do, Fr, Sa 16:00-19:00 Uhr
a&o Kunsthalle
Brandenburger Str. 2, Leipzig

WE ALL SHOULD BE LICHENS ist eine Ausstellung von Studierenden der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig und dem Deutschen Literaturinstitut Leipzig in Zusammenarbeit mit Joachim Blank. Die Ausstellung in der a&o Kunsthalle in Leipzig untersucht das prekäre Verhältnis des Menschen zur Natur. Ausgangspunkt und Motivation für diese, von Studierenden und Lehrenden gemeinsam konzipierte Ausstellung ist der globale Klimawandel und die dadurch ausgelösten politischen, ethischen und technologischen Debatten. Ausgehend vom Begriff des Anthroprozäns vereint und präsentiert die Ausstellung tentakuläre Positionen und Perspektiven, die sich auf direkte, observierende und oft poetische Weise in vielfältigen Formen, Materialien und Medien einer Zeit nach der „alten Natur“ nähern.

VAR13 in Westpol Airspace 10.-18. May, 2019

{var}: The variable. It can be a value, a set of data, a number, the
measurement of changing criteria over a course of time. Objects vary
in size, the lights on screens vary in brightness, our mood and the
weather may also vary from day to day.
What if, for instance, the variabilities in nature and climate are
surpassing their extremities? Or on the contrary, what if there is no
longer a predictable spectrum within which the extremities of nature
and climate currently exist?
Nature and its order continue to experience the detrimental disruption
due to the industrial revolution. Through the exhaustion and
depletion of resources, the earth is going through an ecological
debt and its ability to be regenerated is dramatically plummeting
every year. The apocalypse has been fantasized since centuries through
fiction writing, art, and the new testament. However, the more
ecologists and environmentalists discover about our planets current
state, the clearer it becomes that this prophecy could actually occur.
Can we put our faith into bioengineering? Can nature and its variables
be reprogrammed? Will this apocalypse be something we may actually
VaR13 is a play on the words “Value at Risk” while utilizing the
stigma of the number 13. As the title for the group exhibition from
Fachklasse Blank, it establishes discourse around our future at risk.
Taking place inside of a church, VAR13 displays works by various
artists who are investigating the relationships between nature and art
as well as image and productivity. It is a collection of artworks
exploring visual fictions, visual prophecies, and visual realities in
our current state of variable possibilities.

Artists: Jessica Arseneau, Leila Brinkmann, Felix Grabe, Friedrich Jacob Günther, Taemen Jung, Leonard Korbus, Lisa Kottkamp, Snow (Seunglok Paik), Malte Urban, Anna Raczynska, Andrea Garcia Vasquez.

Eine Veranstaltung in Kooperation mit der Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde Leipzig-Lindenau-Plagwitz.

"...But These Sunsets Are Better" Opening January 25, 2019 at Ars Avanti Gallery

Join us at the Alte Handelsschule Gallery Space, Ars Avanti, for a group show from Paula Fraile, Natalia Kalicki, Dani Minuskin, and Andrea Garcia Vasquez. Four international female artists who are now based in Leipzig expose 2D and 3D artworks from 25. Jan until 8. Feb 2019. Join us for the closing reception 8. February 4-6 pm. FOLLOW OUR INSTAGRAM @But_These_Sunsets_Are_Better

Facing Repetition: Closing Reception & Artist Talk 19. January @ 7 pm

Join us for our closing reception and artist talk moderated by the curators Manuel Schneidewind & Yara Saleh. Afterwards will be drinks and music in the basement of the AO Kunsthalle.
A big thank you to all who helped with the installing, transport, and who visited the exhibition! It was a fantastic experience.

Facing Repetition: a group exhibition AO Kunsthalle Leipzig 9.12.2018- 19.1.2019

Group Exhibition opening December 9, 2018. The first ever exhibition at the new AO Kunsthalle, Leipzig. With Christian Baer, Lena Flohrschuetz, Vera Koenig, Karoline Schneider, Manuel Schneidewind, & Andrea Garcia Vasquez. These emerging artists expose the use of repetition in their practice, artworks, and thought process in this colorful group show that runs until 19. Jan 2019.

WHERE WINDS MEET opening 9. Nov 2018 @ Gapgap, Leipzig

Molting rock crumbles from the crust of her carcass.
Steam and smoke pump at inconsistent,
beating breaths. Black oxygen inhaled into the grey heart
of a black rock.
The endless pushing of the winds eroded her
parts into golden flakes.
Whispering, tumbling, drying in the open.
As the breeze weaves itself between her hands, she
sings to the water, and the soil, and the cycle.
Her hands brush the fields in
between yesterday and a time we
fear to never experience. For feeling the
experience would mean it would at some point
end… at some point die. She wishes to stay there-
swinging between the in-betweens.
Therefore, she bears the budges which bend
her in any of many directions, for however
long, until the blows bring her back to a
place she barely belongs.
- text by Andrea Garcia Vasquez

Sculpture, installation, and tapestry works by Dani Minuskin & Andrea Garcia Vasquez running from 9-29 November 2018 in GapGap
Gemeindeamtstr. 13 Leipzig
Gallery Hours: Wed-Sun 3-6 pm

AGV Exhibits in LindeNOW #14 Leipzig, Germany

Took part in group exhibition DESTILLAT in Kaufhaus Held. A 10 year anniversary of LindeNOW Festival invited artists from Leipzig to exhibit works about gentrification, Leipzig, and our relations to the two.
Also had some works showing in Polylogue Book Store on Merseberger Str.
Lindenow #14 5-7 October 2018.
Thanks to all curators and helping hands during both exhibitions!

TREDAN: solo exhibition from AGV at ReTramp Gallery, Berlin

This exhibition is an inventory of the marks and traces I have made in places together with the marks and traces that places have left on me. Topographical representations and geological perspectives investigating interconnections between man and landscape. Can a human psychological experience be correspondent with the psychology of the urban or natural environment? How different are we from the nature we came from or move towards? How influential is nature when reflecting on my own existence and displacement? Am I running because I need to, want to, or because the slope of the mountain is far too steep for me to simply walk down?

September 8, 2018 @ Literaturhaus. Halle, Germany

(image rights to Lisa Palm)
Interwoven coding, textured letters, stitched poetry- shortly put, textile work with connection to word and writing. Curated by Lisa Palm.
Literaturhaus. Bernburger Str. 8. Halle, Germany. Opening September 8. @ 6:00 pm. More information at

PERFICTION is finally published & now available

This publication "PERFICTION" is a collection of memories and visual impressions from a collaboration between students from CAU in South Korea and HGB in Germany. A 10 day collaborative journey with our group exhibition PERFICTION to sum it all up. Publication sponsered and financed by HGB Support Buero. Thanks to Carsten Saeger, Caroline Hake & Julia Brodauf. DAAD, Chung-Ang University, Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst, Dong-A University, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), and Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung.

24 Hour Outdoor Exhibition "It's Just A Matter Of Utility" @ Lindenauerhafen, Leipzig 29- 30 June

This 24 hour group exhibition is held outside next to the abandoned factories at the Lindenauerhafen. Starting June 29 18:00 until June 30 18:00. "It's Just a Matter of Utility" deals with concepts of Abandoned Places and Functionality of land and construction. Join us!

Interview in HGB Magazine

"Mobile Birds or Weird Thing(s) of Being Here" an interview lead and organized by Joachim Blank, New Media Art Professor at the HGB. The interview talks about what it is like to be a foreign student in Leipzig and the process of getting here. The publications are found at the HGB front office for free.

Horizontally Parallel : window display @ Jetee project space in Amsterdam April 8- July 8 2018

Rustenburgerstraat 385. I stayed and created works in this project space for three weeks and left an installation of works for the public to walk past and view from the street. This collection of small works are sketches and beginnings of a new direction for me and my art practice. With these works, I am exploring ideas of "study", environment, emotion, science, and material. The works I created while in this project space are inspired by botanical research and bits of conversation or observations between lovers. For more info visit:

Andrea Garcia Vasquez & Dance Doyle Artist Talk May 6, 2018

Dance Doyle & Andrea Garcia Vasquez talk about their art work at the closing reception of Fiber Fiction at The Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA. Recorded from a Live Stream at on May 6th, 2018. View full video here

SEDIMENTE @ Werkschau, Spinnerei, Leipzig

[photo credit: Leipzig International Artist Program]
Opening & tour through the exhibition in conversation with cultural protagonists of the city of Leipzig
8 March 2018 | 7 pm
Location: Spinnerei Werkschau (hall 12)
The exhibition, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the LIA residency, focuses on that which the artists, as cultural ambassadors, have taken with them on their journey, and from which they make visible fragmentarily in their Leipzig work - like sediments, deposits of substances; traces that remain after departing elsewhere. In their trans-cultural context, the artists' works become indicators of political, economic or ecological processes, operating as aesthetic speculations of further developments. The exhibition covers all mediums of contemporary art, and shows a selection of works from over 50 international awardees of the LIA program.

Fiber Fiction @ Compound Gallery. Oakland, CA

Two-Artist Exhibit in Oakland, California featuring Dance Doyle and Andrea Garcia Vasquez. On view are new weavings, tapestries, and experimental forms of fiber art.
Opening Reception: March 17, 2018
Closing Reception + Artist Talk: May 6, 2018
1167 65th St. Oakland, CA

Perfiction @ Gallery 301 in Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea

Perfiction: a collaborative group exhibition between the Art Academy Leipzig and Chung-Ang University Anseung took place on October 31, 2017. Here are shots from my site-specific installation titled: "October 27-28, 2017". Paint markers on gallery window. The installation recollects memories of my first 24 hours in Seoul and the different situations and moments of travel and experience.

Showing textile and tapestry works at S1 Vinyl und Kaffee in Leipzig

From October 6-November 7, textile and tapestry works from AGV will be hanging in the S1 Vinyl und Kaffee in Leipzig, Germany. Come by and enjoy some art with the subtle aroma of fresh coffee and groovy sounds of the record player with us.
Sattelhofstraße 1, 04179 Leipzig, Germany

TOPOPHILIA solo show in 392 rmeil 393, Beirut, Lebanon

From 14-28 Septmeber 2017, Andrea Garcia Vasquez is exhibiting her latest tapestries alongside an installation. This is my first solo show! And it is coinciding with both the Beirut Art Fair and Beirut Design Fair. Come down to Gouraud street in Gemmayzeh and check out my works in person.

Artist in WebResidence @ Cold Bench

From 15. June until 15. August all are welcome to view my online studio / artist in residence at Cold Bench. I will be focusing my webresidency on explaining my current process and project dealing with psychogeogrpahy, travel, and the narrative. Check it out here:

5th place for student category & Chu Juror Award @ Art Olympia 2017

On June 2017, my entry in the Art Olympia International Art Competition won 5th place in the student category and Chu Juror Award. The piece is titled "Jan. 20, 2017" and it will now be in the private collection of Toshima-Ku in Tokyo. full list of winners here

Finalist in Art Olympia 2017

One work from my Psychogeographic Experiments titled "Jan. 20, 2017" has been selected from over 1,700 applications to be in the final round of the Art Olympia 2017 competition. 180 artworks were selected for the final round. The work will be exhibited for final review in Tokyo, Japan on June 7, 2017. Stay tuned for updates.

RUNDGANG DER HGB 9. - 12. Feb 2017.

Students from the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig are exhibiting their latest individual and class/group projects! Open for one weekend only, come to Wächterstraße 11, 04107 Leipzig, Germany between the 9 and 12 of Feb to check out my latest multimedia installation "How To Arrange A Likelihood".

"Ich dachte, Sie wären nur ein armer Schlucker" @ Kommunalka. December 1-3 2016

Group show of 64 artists from Dec 1-3 at Kommunalka in Leipzig. Georg-Schwarz-Str. 18. Every artists exhibits one small artwork. Visiting Hours: Thurs: 01.12. from 19:00; Fr: 02. 12. 16:00-21:00; Sat: 03.12. 11:00-21:00

Layers Of Skin, Of Rock: at Lichthof Westwerk, Leipzig on 23, Sept 2016

One day solo show exhibiting my latest pieces from 2016. Tapestry dreamscapes and woven poetry on display only for one day in Lichthof Westwerk (karl heine strasse), Leipzig, Germany.

TROJA II @ Bipolar Gallerei 11-25 June, 2016

Exhibiting in a group show, TROJA II, alongside the exhibition of renowned artist, Rémy Zaugg at the Bipolar Gallery in Leipzig, Germany.

Artist in Residence for April: Can Serrat. El Bruc, Spain.

Awarded a 30% Grant to live and work at Can Serrat Artist Reisdency for the month of April 2016.
For more information about the residency visit:

3DRITTLE @ KrudeBude. 17.-19. March Stannebeinplatz 13. Leipzig, Germany.

Mit Werken von
Raum 1 // Sarah Jäckle
Raum 2 // Andrea Garcia Vasquez
Raum 3 // Cora Grüssel

DO 17.03.2016 Vernissage ab 19 Uhr
FR 18.03.2016 18-20 Uhr
SA 19.08.2016 18-20 Uhr // mit Lesung im Rahmen der Leipziger Buchmesse

"Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Rundgang 2016." Wächterstraße 11, 04107 Leipzig, Germany

View my latest sculpture in Professor Joachim Blank's class for Installation and Space along with many other talented, contemporary, emerging students at the HGB.
It's a four day public event with a grand opening walk-around on Thursday, Feb 11. from 6 pm- midnight.
Friday and Saturday the school is open to the public from 11am -10pm. And Sunday from 11-8 pm.

"MOLTING" Group Show @ Gallery Aferro Newark, NJ. October 15- December 19, 2015

"PARADOX" @ Theatre Impermanent. 2-4 October 2015. Demmering St. 74. Leipzig, DE

Leipzig Spinnerei Rundgang September 12-13, 2015

Autumn Spinnerei Rundgang September 12-13, 2015.
Spinnerei Strasse 7, Leipzig Germany.
Pilotenkueche Studio.
Halle 14. 1 OG.

Group Show : Zeit und Geist Sept 4- Oct 1, 2015

133/141 West 21st Street, Ground Floor
The VCS Gallery is pleased to present “Zeit und Geist” an exhibition of recent works by graduates of the Visual and Critical Studies Department who were residents at the Leipzig International Art Program. Since 2010 the Department has selected one, and more recently two, graduating students to attend this prestigious program in Leipzig, Germany. Housed in the Spinnerei, once a cotton spinning factory, residents are given live/work spaces and the luxury to focus on their creative endeavors in a historic European urban environment.
"This residency was imperative. With unbounded time and space, I took everything I learned in college and slowly started to re-ask those questions that once drove my practice. I was able to come closer to an exactness of thought, between content, processes, and materials. I came back to NYC with a greater sense of purpose as to how and where I should take my painting practice. I will always remember my time in the residency with great happiness, especially the long working hours and conversations with then colleagues, and now close friends.” Angela Miskis
“It was scary and unexpected to move to a small town in Germany with no grasp of the language, no community, and no idea if any subsequent opportunities would come of it. But it was a chance to be in a place where I could work, and that was what mattered the most to me. That first residency with LIA ended up being the springboard for my entire professional life; it brought gallery representation in, and it made doing other residencies a possibility too.” Katie Armstrong
There will be a closing reception on October 1st, with a performance at 7:30 PM of In That Place (2015) by participating artist Katie Armstrong.
Curated by Peter Hristoff.

Artistas en Residencia: Group Show @ Galeria Isabel Hurley. 5 June - 31 July 2015. Malaga, Spain