steel, ceramics, fabric, batting, ropes, photo transfer prints on fabric, spraypaint

Looking for Something Low Maintenance 

A series deconstructing the relationship between humans and houseplants and the surrounding complex behaviours and cultures within that relationship such as: personification, capitalism, migration, exploitation and care. The houseplant is a commodified symbol of nature used as capital to decorate the inside of houses. (Historically, humans built houses to seperate themselves from nature, btw.)

Throughout the two year period of making these fabric works and steal structures mimicing interior situations, I also was inspired by articles I read about the millennial and Gen Z phenomenon of buying house plants with the intention of becoming so-called ‘plant parents’. This trend has come about in a time where young adults especially in the USA cannot manage to maintain a steady income, relationship, or life style. The

Dysfunctionality functions in this series of sculptures to portray the visually attractive monstera deliciosa among other house plants in interior-like pastel colored displays.

Looking at trendy designs on instagram of interior jungles, macrame wonders, and kitsch DIY I couldn’t help but notice the anthropocentric baheviour and intention behind all of that content. Plants need humans to survive, and humans need plants to feel... needed, or cool, or special. This project came out of an interest in creating a situation where plants demand a sort of emancipation from human care.