Andrea Garcia Vasquez

How To Arrange A Likelihood 

Installation of video work, photograph, and object
Video duration: 3 hour 40 min 57 sec
Object: Ball of yarn
Photograph: 40 x 30 cm

This video is part of a three-piece installation of video, photograph, and object.
I had taken a [found] hand-knitted sweater and deconstructed it using only my hands and a pair of scissors. The video shows my hands knot-by-knot taking the perfectly useful sweater apart until it is all rolled into one big ball of yarn. I do not know how to knit, thus, when watching the entire 4 hour video, one may notice how frustrated, slow, and tedious the de-knitting began and how halfway through, I understand the proce

ss more, and am able to deconstruct it more efficiently.

"How To Arrange A Likelihood" explores the concepts of destruction and creation. Humans often experience the unconscious [and at times slow] process of ruining things such as objects, relationships, a job, etc. Typically, this process happens slowly, and people usually don't realize, or are too involved in other subject matters to realize that they are the sole cause for their own dissatisfactions and obstacles.

Through this 20 hour motion of un-knitting a perfectly good sweater, I cancel the possibility to use the sweater for its function. The sweater was

not broken, dirty, nor the wrong size, but I nevertheless continued to break down it's form. I deconstructed it to one piece of long yarn, leaving it functionless. Leaving me cold. Meanwhile, I wound a ball of yarn out of the yarn.

This work is exhibiting the flaws of being human, questioning the awareness we have of our own actions and consequences, and implies that there is always a ball of yarn to be made out of the loose threads; always a possibility for something new after something is lost.