Where Winds Meet
Two Artist Exhibition @ GapGap
Dani Minuskin & Andrea Garcia
Gemeindeamtstr 13. Leipzig
November 10-30, 2018

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Molting rock crumbles from the crust of her carcass. Steam and smoke pump at inconsistent, beating breaths. Black oxygen inhaled into the grey heart of a black rock. The endless pushing of the winds eroded her parts into golden flakes. Whispering, tumbling, drying in the open. As the breeze weaves itself between her hands, she sings to the water, and the soil, and the cycle. Her hands brush the fields in between yesterday and a time we fear to never experience. For feeling the experience would mean it would at some point end… at some point die. She wishes to stay there- swinging between the in-betweens. Therefore, she bears the budges which bend her in any of many directions, for however long, until the blows bring her back to a place she barely belongs.