Andrea Garcia Vasquez

Fiber Fiction
Dance Doyle & Andrea Garcia Vasquez
March 17 -May 6, 2018
Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 17th, 2018, 6-9pm

Closing Reception: Sunday, May 6th 3-6pm

The Compound Gallery is pleased to present Fiber Fiction, a two person exhibition featuring the woven and fiber works of Dance Doyle and Andrea Garcia Vasquez. Fiber Fiction embarks on a fascinating journey of storytelling through textiles. Each piece is alive with vibrant, layered, chronicles of daily living.

Dance Doyle creates large-scale urban contemporary tapestries which showcase the art of storytelling. Dance, who is primarily self-taught, has developed her own techniques – resulting in a distinctive style that communicates what she sees in her urban world. Her work depicts surreal narratives within a mystical world that manifests out of her every day life.

The collection of fiber works from Andrea Garcia Vasquez in this exhibition reflect a phase in her artistic career of pure technical practice and playful experimentation. Inspired by the traditional means of weaving, tapestry, and quilting to pass down history, the artist applies these methods to present her own narratives dealing with popular trends, environmental awareness, love, and placement. Referencing nature and the role human plays to it- often with a slight sense of humor. She composes unique tapestries which allow the viewer to contemplate the symbolism, the disfunction, the boundary of kitsch, memory, and the fiber art process.