Facing Repetition
curated by Yara Saleh & Manuel Schneiderwind
group exhibition featuring: Manuel Schneidewind, Andrea Garcia Vasquez, Karolina Schneider, Christian Bär, Lena Flohrschütz,und Vera König
AO Kunsthalle, Nov 2018 -Jan 2019

When repetition isn’t simply the equivalence, the equality of quantity or quality, it is then a consequence of thinking. It is the will, the idea, the force that motivates a person to initiate and act. It is the believe, the desire, the past coming to the present. It is the representation of mind processes. The movement in which Ideas, memories materialize in the physical realm. Gathering works of six artists: Manuel Schneidewind, Andrea Garcia Vasquez, Karoline Schneider, Christian Bär, Lena Teresa Flohrschütz & Vera König. Immersing into their spheres, looking at their mind’s animation, getting to know their techniques of art making. “Facing Repetition” highlights the mental process and the physical actions to make art.