Video and Sound (single channel)
An audio walk for digital or analogue realms.
Am Wulst der Zeit (On the Buldge of Time)

The visual and audial collaboration by:
Andrea Garcia Vasquez, Benjamin Junghans, Anne-Kathrine Münnich und Frederik Schreiber (a.k.a Schlakks)

The text was originally written by Till Wiebel.

Made for the Auftakt Festival for Scenic Texts 2020. An audio-walk for a digital festival during Corona.

Watch with english subtitles here.

The text, audio, and video explore the possibilities of experiencing one's surrounding through a method of negation, irony, anticipation, and dissatisfaction. The voices in the audio are constantly questioning themselves and their displacement, playing games like "I spy" with no real solutions, and describing the phenomenon of pointlessness and significance in any experience, anywhere, all the time. The audio can be played independently from the video and experienced with with headphones on a walk in your local neighborhood. For those viewing/experiencing from their computers, the visual complementation to the audio walk is the result of the work from Andrea Garcia Vasquez. Our walk goes beyond the borders of our local, and takes us on a journey framed by Google Earth. An avatar walks, flies, and contemplates within the spaces and places of the digital medium, through streets in Beirut, The Grand Canyon, New York City, and in-between spaces such as glitches or under the earth. The locations correspond to the audio and the no-whereness that is described in the text.

Download Audio Walk File (only in german language):

*This project was supported by Land in Sicht e.V.
*Animated visuals and 3D landscapes were sourced from Google Earth, Google Maps Street View, Goodle Eart 3D Studios, and Second Life.