Looking For Something Low Maintenance

A series deconstructing the relationship between humans and houseplants and the consumerist culture that currently fuels the houseplant phenomenon. The function of dysfunctionality in this series of sculptures portrays my own observation of the kitsch and the irony of this commodified symbol of nature being used to decorate the inside of houses. Houses, nevertheless, being an invention to protect humans from nature. With these works, I am trying to re-evaluate this dichotomy by symbolising a form of nature that is completely independent and indifferent to the human species. I was inspired by trending Instagram hashtags and posts about minimalist interior design and plant parents. Articles written between 2017-2019 served as a resource for this project. These articles explore the phenomenon of Plant Parents. Apparently, since millennials can not afford or commit to a relationship, mortgage, or children we have transitioned into a new fad of faux families made of house plants instead of humans.

The term 'Looking For Something Low Maintenance' is something I often hear amongst my generation when talking about dating, cleaning routines, making plans, and also caring for house plants. I have the impression that everyone wants something low maintenance. Why don't we want to put any effort into anything? Why do we need instant gratification and how does this reflect on our current disposition with the environmental crisis?

“Baby You Know I Love You But I am Starting To Feel Trapped And I Need Some Space”  

steel, macrame ropes, ceramics, spray paint
155 x 210 x 15 cm

This installation is interchangeable and can vary in dimensions.
In the images on this page are some views from:
Solo Exhibition : Palms & Our Hands @ WESTSIDE Gallery
Solo Exhibition : Bitte Gibt Die Zimmerpflanzen nicht zu viel Wasser! @ Galerie KUB
HGB Rundgang : Diploma Rundgang Oct 2020
Group Show : VAR13 @ Westpol Gallery