How Long Will This Paradise Last?
7 minutes 30 seconds
single channel video + audio

This video work abstractly recollects memories of temporal dialogues and places. A dialogue comprehended both written and audible plays throughout the first half of the video is overlapped with video clips I collected from moving vehicles around the world. The video work focuses on the fleeting realities, small talk conversations, impressions of landscape, and moments of inhabiting that seem to perpetually pass us by in a world of globalisation and capitalism. These reflections are compactly explored in this 7 minute video and audio piece. These ephemeral moments in time are juxtaposed with a conversation between two robotic voices that exposes their fluctuating connections and disconnections to one another as the questions continues to be asked: How Long Will This Paradise Last?
The video ends with a love poem recited as a duet by both robotic voices. The poem is my own writing and is an attempt to express the delicateness and types of imprints we can leave on our surroundings as well as the people around us. The voices plead for a common ground or olive branch- "Do your odds and ends reach for me?”, as a split screen plays with a visually dynamic putting together of different landscapes as they pass by. The different methods of expression in this video; visual, textual, and sound come together as a multilayered poetic representation of human and environmental relationships from the human perspective. Together, these elements work to reevaluate our relationship to landscape, humans, and nonhuman beings and serves as a reminder to readjust our point of view and reestablish a gratitude and stronger connection to our surroundings and ecology. For as the poem ends, "the tragedy continues as it should... because we had forgotten how lucky we were."